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We are passionate about teaming up with business partners, investors and experienced entrepreneurs to invest in a concept based on the most important: healthy eating.
Salad Box is a recipe for success for any person committed to his wish of building a sustainable business. Anywhere in the world!

7 steps to become a Salad Box franchisee

Become our partner

1. Download the brochure

Here you can find all the information you need to get acquainted with the business.

Download the brochure

2. Fill in the application form

Leave us your contact details and tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in business.

Fill in the form

3. Let's get acquainted!

We want to meet you face-to-face in order to get to know each other, answer any additional questions you may have and see to what extent we can set things in motion. This is best done by visiting one of our Franchise Tours in Dublin.


4. Paperwork and Franchise Fee lodgement

Once we have agreed that we will be moving forward with this venture, we will ask you to sign a Franchise License Fee Agreement and lodge the Franchise Fee. It’s important to note that the Franchise Fee is refundable and is released to us only after you have signed a Franchise Agreement and a lease on your future Salad box location. Until the FA and the lease is signed, lodged Franchise Fee acts as a token of commitment and lets us devote resources towards your location search & assessment.


5. Location search & assessment

Following the lodgement of the Franchise Fee, we will empower you with our Franchise Development, Operations and Technical departments that will assist and guide you through the stage of finding a great location for your Salad Box. Franchise Development dep will help you find the location. Technical dep will develop technical drawings to make sure the location can be turned into a beautiful Salad Box. Operations dep will help you crunch the numbers to determine whether a profitable business can be built with this location.


6. Ready, set, go!

After the location is found, number crunching is completed and a shared business vision is established between us, we move forward to signing a Salad Box Franchise Agreement that constitutes a start of a great entrepreneurial journey for both of us.

Let’s go?


Salad Box is always looking for franchise partners who:


Are interested in "multi-unit" opportunities, both through the acquisition of existing restaurants and / or development of new restaurants.


Demonstrate knowledge and experience in business.


Demonstrate management and / or leadership skills.


Demonstrate the necessary financial means.


Understand and share the company's philosophy.

Frequent questions


Salad Box is an innovative concept, progressively expanding on an international level. The fast growth of our system confirms the certainty of a stable working environment and a safe investment.

Salad Box represents a company which is built on strong motivation and business values. Furthermore, Salad Box provides you with a series of business development facilities especially designed for maximizing your profits. Here are the main benefits of acquiring a Salad Box Franchise:

  • Support in location sourcing & assessment to make sure we nail down the perfect Salad Box location for you;
  • Complete restaurant design and technical drawings;
  • Purchasing of equipment and stock;
  • Full franchise operations manual, comprised of managers manual and employee manual;
  • Management training;
  • Staff training;
  • POS system and software;
  • Ongoing business development and operational support from industry experts;
  • All marketing – pre launch, launch and on-going;
  • Financial assistance;

The investment in a Salad Box location heavily varies from location to location. We work individually with each client on establishing a solution that would fit his financial requirements.

An optimal location needs to be between 800 ft2 to 1500 ft2.

  • Shopping Malls
  • Business Centers
  • Pedestrian streets and busy traffic areas
  • Delivery locations

The Salad Box Franchisee needs to pay the following fees:

  • Royalty fee of 4,5% of the net monthly income
  • Marketing fee of 1,5% of the net monthly income

It’s not mandatory to have experience in the food industry, but, it can be an advantage.
Each investor, regardless of his/ her level of experience, will be provided with a complete training and operating manual, as well as the guidance of a trained staff.

No. The Salad Box Franchise fee includes the tax for the training program.

The franchise contract is signed for 5 years and yes, it can be extended.